Achieve Optimum Holiday Health with Mouth Guards

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How often do you wash your mouth guard? Do you ever clean your mouth guard after it’s been in for a while, and rinse out your mouth both before and after inserting a mouth guard? Are you using any forms to clean devices on the mouth guard and are your storing storing them in a safe location to ensure can continue working effectively? These questions and many more or essential to ensure you are practicing effective mouthguard care.

If you are looking to choose a mouth guard to fit your oral health care needs, it is the first important to determine which mouth guard works best for you. If you are involved in any high-risk activities, it is important to have a customizable mouth guard that will contour to your exact dental profile. This includes mouth guards created by your dentist and boil and bite mouth guards you can mold yourself. If you’re looking for a pre-formed mouth guard, stock mouth guards can work. However, they are bulky and tend to make breathing difficult.

Once your mouth guard is selected, it is important to make sure you are caring for it effectively. You can do so by always storing it in a safe and dry place. Store them in a container that is free of any moisture that can build up. Make sure to never leave your mouth guard in the sun or hot water, and have it replaced if you notice any signs of wear and tear. Furthermore, always clean it out with cool, soapy water, and rinse it thoroughly before inserting it back into your mouth.

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