All About the Brush

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Your brushing habits are only as good as the toothbrush you are using. If the brush is frayed or worn out, it will be ineffective. If it is old, it will likely be full of bacteria and needs to be replaced.


Taking care of your toothbrush starts with having the right brush in the first place. Choose a toothbrush with the ADA Seal of Acceptance on the package. Since its inception in 1931, the Seal of Acceptance program has tested and certified products for both safety and effectiveness– guaranteeing a quality product. Toothbrushes should be replaced every 3-4 months.


The toothbrush should be the right size for your mouth and have soft bristles. Hard or stiff bristles can damage your tooth enamel and rip up your gums. To further protect them from damage, be sure to use gentle pressure when you brush.


Never share your toothbrush! This leads to cross-contamination. It spreads food particles, debris, bacteria, disease, and infection.  This is extremely dangerous for your oral health. If someone else uses your toothbrush, throw it away immediately and purchase a new one.


Of course, your toothbrush’s biggest ally is your dentist. Make sure you visit your dentist biannually. If you are in the Holland, Michigan area, call Mark D. Berard, DDS at 616-392-2853 to set an appointment. Dr. Mark Berard and our team will be happy to see you!