Complete Your Smile with Dental Bridges

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Complete your smile with dental bridges. Dental bridges are an exceedingly effective form of tooth replacement therapy designed to accurately fill in voids left behind by missing and lost teeth by directly attaching to nearby or neighboring teeth for a durable hold that will last. Dental bridges look natural and will closely match the natural look of your smile. Listed below are just a few of the remarkable benefits that dental bridges can provide:

– Dental bridges are tooth replacement treatments that look and function much like normal teeth would.

– Empty gaps in your smile can increase your risk for gum disease, tooth decay, gum destabilization, and malocclusions. Dental bridges fill the gap and keep your smile safe.

– Dental bridges are a vital restoration service for repairing lost facial structure that can have aesthetic drawbacks such as making your face look older and weaker than it actually is.

– Lost or missing teeth can affect speaking or eating patterns. Restore your lost abilities with dental bridges.

– If you are looking for a tooth replacement treatment with longevity, dental bridges have been noted to have lasted a decade up to an entire lifetime of use.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Mark D. Berard, DDS to see if you are a candidate for dental bridges, please call our dentist office in Holland, Michigan at 616-392-2853. Dr. Mark Berard and the rest of our team look forward to improving your smile for many years to come!