Dental Crown Secrets for a Healthy Smile

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Are you aware that dental crowns can restore teeth that are broken into bits? If there is enough tooth left surviving, a dental crown can mold the damaged bits back together to form the basis of a solid and sturdy tooth that looks and functions as a tooth should. Dental crowns can also be used to provide durability to severely damaged teeth that without the crown, would need to be extracted.

Dental crowns are caps and concealers that are placed atop of teeth to guard them against harm and provide a new look to present for the tool. Crowns can often be precisely customized to your individual tooth’s needs to improve its look. Even if a tooth has had previous dental work done, including root canals, bridges or implants, a dental crown can be used.

On some occasions, a tooth may be so badly broken it is splitting apart. For teeth that have been shattered into pieces, crowns can bind the remaining pieces together and return functionality back to the broken tooth. Furthermore, if a tooth requires a filling but there is very little tooth remaining, a dental crown can be placed atop the tooth. Dental crowns can also usually be placed atop teeth that are damaged beyond the repair of other dental services.

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