Keep Your Oral Health in Tip-Top Shape by Avoiding Oral Injury

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If you’re not careful, you can suffer an oral injury. This is quite common for babies who are learning to walk, kids who are participating in harmful activities, and people who play high-contact sports. Oral injuries can be painful and quite terrifying. If you ever suffer an injury, it’s best to stay calm. Dr. Mark Berard has many treatments available to help you.

However, it’s best to avoid oral injury altogether. To help you do so, our dental team has some helpful information for you.

We first recommend wearing a mouthguard while you are active. This is especially important if your activity has hard, forceful objects, like a ball, knee, elbow, helmet, etc. When you play sports like these, your smile can be protected when these objects hit your mouth. The force is often so strong that it can chip, break, or even knock out a tooth if your smile isn’t protected.

The next thing we recommend is wearing a face mask while you play sports. This helps you prevent oral and facial trauma while you are playing baseball, softball, and hockey. When the baseball, softball, or puck gets hit toward your face and comes soaring toward you, your smile and face will remain safe and protected.

The last thing we recommend is wearing a helmet with a face guard while you are active. This can protect your mouth, face, and head from oral injury, facial injury, concussions, and other severe head injuries.

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