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The loss of a tooth or the natural processes of aging can sometimes change the structure of your mouth and the positions of your teeth. In time, this can cause minor deviations in your bite pattern. As the months and years tick by, the surface of one misaligned tooth can start to wear and grind on another. If it goes unnoticed the gradual loss of healthy tooth enamel can lead to significant dental health complications.

The area of enamel loss could start to accumulate plaque and other bacterial deposits, promoting tooth decay. Even if a cavity doesn’t develop, the compromised tooth enamel could start to cause tooth sensitivity, and increase your chances of suffering a significant dental fracture. If you have noticed an abnormality with one of your teeth, you should have it examined by our dentist, Dr. Mark Berard. The size and location of the affected area will largely influence the treatment method the dentist recommends. Your treatment might include installing a dental filling or replacing the entire tooth enamel layer with a dental crown. If the dentist feels it is necessary, he might recommend a dental contouring treatment to alter the biting surface of the tooth, or an orthodontic treatment to correct the alignment of your bite.

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