Uncover Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

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There is an entire branch of dentistry designed to enhance the look of your smile. This branch of dentistry is known as cosmetic dentistry and provides numerous treatments and procedures, which are often solely designed to restore and repair your smile and enhance its look. If you are in need of a cosmetic dentistry treatment, it is important to be aware of all the different types that exist.

It is important to understand the benefits of cosmetic dentistry enhancements for not only improving the look of your smile but also adding an additional layer of protection. One of the best treatments for this measure consists of dental crowns. Dental crowns go on strong and can protect the existing natural tooth. Other treatments such as dental veneers can also protect teeth, but typically only on the front as that is all they cover. If you’re looking to repair broken or teeth that may have damage on their surface, dental bonding treatments can work for you. However, if you are simply looking to improve the color of your teeth, teeth whitening treatments can be used to eradicate deep stains and discolorations.

In many cases, missing or lost teeth will severely hinder the oral aesthetics of your smile. This is because an incomplete smile just doesn’t shine as it should. To improve the look of your smile, always make sure all teeth are accounted for. If you’re in need of a tooth prosthetic, look no further than dental bridges, dental implants, or dentures. Dental bridges and dental implants are both highly effective permanent tooth replacement treatments that can replace missing or lost teeth. Although dentures are not permanent replacements, they can replace as little as one tooth or be used to replace entire rows of teeth for a much better-looking smile.

The superb oral health happiness you seek is one step closer thanks to cosmetic dentistry treatments. If you are ready for cosmetic dentistry treatments from Mark D. Berard, DDS at our dentist office in Holland, Michigan, then you are welcome to call us at 616-392-2853. Dr. Mark Berard and our entire team look forward to improving your oral health with cosmetic dentistry treatments.