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Are you aware of the several causes of dental damage and what you can do to keep your smile safe? Dental damage often arises due to oral health risks associated with lifestyle choices and habits you keep. By implementing safe and effective daily routines throughout your life, you can lower your risk of dental damage and oral accidents and injuries that can occur.

One of the biggest oral health risks to an individual’s smile comes about through the participation in high-risk activities such as contact sports. Although sports often prove to be highly beneficial for one’s physical health, it is possible that a single blow to the face from a foreign object can knock out several teeth and even break your jaw. Thus, always make sure that any activities you are involved in that could potentially damage your face are minimized with the appropriate safety equipment. This includes tools such as safety masks, helmets, mouthguards and face masks. Only by always wearing the appropriate safety gear can you ensure that the risks of oral accidents and injuries are minimized.

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