Using Advanced Dental Implants to Restore a Missing Tooth

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A permanent tooth may be lost because of severe decay or injury. If this happens, you may experience difficulty chewing or speaking normally. Losing a tooth can also mar the appearance of your smile. Never fear! We offer dental implants at Mark D. Berard, DDS which can restore the beauty and functionality of your smile.

The many benefits of dental implants include:
– Dental implants are designed to feel and look like natural teeth.
– They are fused with the jawbone, so they become permanent.
– Dental implants, unlike poorly-fitting dentures, will not slip. Because of this, your speech will be improved.
– Because dental implants function like your natural teeth, you can eat with confidence.
– Dental implants can restore the beauty of your smile and improve your confidence.
– Dental implants do not require the shaping of the surrounding teeth, so your long-term oral health will be improved.
– Dental implants are strong and can last for many years, or even a lifetime.

Dental implants can save your smile. If you would like to know more about dental implants, please make an appointment with Drs. Mark Berard by contacting our wonderful team via phone at 616-392-2853. You can also stop by our office in Holland, Michigan, and we will be glad to help you!